Internal Combustion Engine Art from Bones

The Internal Combustion art pieces from Jud Turner have created an eerie feeling by combining bones and mixed  media assembly. These are two pieces that continue on Jud’s course of mixing together man and machine like the Terminator Bicycle and Machine Artwork.

When asked about his viewpoint on the two separate sculptures, Jud wanted to reflect of human beings dependency on daily engines without being aware of such. He explains:

These pieces are inspired by human dependence on internal combustion engines for much of how we have organized our societies (we use cars to travel, trucks to move goods, vehicles as social status, etc).  Our whole way of being as modern people is predicated on this technology.  But I wanted the pieces to have a “jammed up” look, where they are impenetrably complex nonsense machines.  Next time you are sitting in traffic, with all the other people sitting in traffic, everyone going nowhere fast… think about this sculpture.

The first of these two is within an art collection of DJ Elkabas – The Prphet.

Well done Jud, thanks for the wonderful images.