Mechanical Yin Yang Sculpture


I’m not too familiar with the Yin Yang philosophy, but I noticed its symbol embedded into this new mechanical scuplture version entitled Spring/Sprang.  It seems like a modernized version of the old symbol in a way that may be understood a lot easier.

The Spring/Sprang sculpture created by Jud Turner is another of his wonderful art sculptures that sometimes include items that make it difficult for a few to look at, but you just can’t seem to turn away; they have a hypnotizing aura about them that is just irresistible.


When asked about this new creation, this is what Jud had to say:

“‘Spring/Sprang’ is an appropriation of the Yin/Yang symbol to refer to the balance between the natural world and the industrial world.
The natural green world (Spring) existing in opposition to the mechanical, man-made world (Sprang), but each having hints of the other contained within it.”

This sculpture does seem somewhat eerie and morbid because of the various products used for the assembly, but the Yin and Yang symbol is easily picked out, making you look longer at the creation.

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Jud Turner continues to have gallery showings, which both dates and location may be found at his site, including additional artwork.


Thanks Jud for the images!.