Cassette Tape Designer Bag


The cassette tapes many of us grew up on are simply not as used anymore. We may love them so and find it difficult to let go, but currently they make better designer bags and other fashion items than musical items.

I wasn’t much of  a record lover as I grew up but had hundreds and hundreds of cassettes with many black cassettes always handy in case I wanted to record a great tune off of the radio or a friend. With CD’s also on a decline, music has become so digital and the current innovations simply offer a more practical and convenient solution. That is why this cassette tape designer bag is more of an ode to those old days.

A wonderful fashion bag to carry your belonging in, the tape bag shows a blank cassette tape as its design. It provides a retro and oldie look to those that remember those good old days and still can’t let go of them completely. For only $12, it is a great way to keep our hands around a nostalgic memory on a daily basis.