Star Wars Tauntaun, Transformer USB Drive, Funny World of Warcraft and more [Walyou Roundup]

We had a great time this week at Walyou with many fun and practical posts which included Google Chrome tips, the new Transformer Ravage USB, World of Warcraft video, a Tauntaun plush toy, and even a Peeing bench along with many other great finds here and around the globe.

These are put together to give you a glimpse into the week that just passed and introduce other items from other areas around the web. If you have some other cool posts you come across, just send them over to [email protected], and we hope to feature them as well.


Have fun!

Cool Posts from Walyou:

1. Ravage Trannsformer USB Flash Drive

2. Google Chrome Tips

3. Funny World of Warcraft

4. Kneeling Pee Bench

5. Star Wars Tauntaun Plush Toy

Great Finds from Across the Web:

1. David O’Keefe

2. Obama Star Trek Photoshops

3. iPod Earbuds: We Will Shock You

4. 13 Disappearing Gadgets and What You Need to Replace Them

5. The Voice of Mickey Mouse Passes Away

6. Tetris Soap

7. Faux Photoshop: 15 Incredible Images that Look Altered but Aren’t

8. How To Build an Ewok Village