Awesome Transformers Nike Shoes Limited Release

bumblebee transformers shoes

The new Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen is bringing out a lot of new Transformers toys, great merchandise and also amazing Transformers branded Nike shoes that are released with limited quantities in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, and the US.

We have seen some cool Transformers shoes before that actually transformed but didn’t look as if they would be as comfortable in reality. This new release may not transform like we wish, but the result still seems close to perfect.

megatron transformers shoes

There are three different Transformers shoes available which include Zoom Flight Club with Megatron, Zoom FP with Bumblebee and Zoom Sharkalaid as Soundwave Transformer. Each has its own color, shoe style and box design.

soundwave transformers shoes

The great thing for die-hard old-school Transformers fans is that the shoes are released in specially designed boxes which resemble the Transformers toys from back in the 80’s. Moreover, the back of the shoe box features a battle scene mural and technical specs from the original Transformers G1 packaging.

new transformers shoes

Amazing collectible and fashion for the New Transformers that will set you back $100-120.

Via: StreetLevel