Eat Me Stickers That’ll Make Pacman Eat Your Wall!

eat-me-stickers-that'll-make-pacman-eat-your-wall_1Pacman merchandise has always been triumph in making us wonder at the simplicity of the game, yet, the hip character and his ghostly enemies have always been addictive enough to inspire some great'll-make-pacman-eat-your-wall_2

And getting inspired is something you gotta learn from Fantastic Stickers. This user came up with an awe-inspiring idea to make some “Eat Me” stickers. These cool pixilated Pacman stickers of Eat Me kinda merge with anything you stick them and that to with great ease. Stick them on your walls, wardrobes or even your washing machine!

eat-me-stickers-that'll-make-pacman-eat-your-wall_3For more product information you gotta contact Fantastic Stickers. Although, price of this novelty is yet unknown, but real Pacman enthusiasts won’t mind spending even a fortune for this cool thing, what say you?

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