F Bill Gates T-Shirts to Commemorate him

F.Bill Gates, the name might instantly remind us of the Multi-Millionaire who sought to put a computer in every man’s house. Sadly folks you are wrong. F.Bill Gates is someone else and the t-shirt presented here is a way to commemorate the great man.

f bill gates t shirt

Unfortunately many few actually know who F Bill was, and most of the time he is mistaken for the creator of Windows. Although there are some striking similarities between the two business typhoons like their names and other such stuff, Mr. F. Bill Gates was a very different person with an attitude that was totally opposite to the present Bill. Mr. F. Bill made his mark on the world when our Bill was barely in his diapers. Mr. Bill was widely known for his generosity of spirit, love for the people, support for the ethical business practices and equal opportunities for all. In fact many people actually thought that the F in his name stood for “Fair”Bill. Sadly this great sage of humanity did not receive the name and fame for all his work for humanity.

So folks let us all commemorate this unsung hero by buying these tees which sell for $11.24. Maybe our Bill should try and pickup some good qualities in terms of .. you all know what!. You can also check out other cool captioned tees and Microsoft T Shirts that have a geeky fashion statement