Delicious Collection of Transformers Cakes

Whether its the comics, the animated series or the movie, everyone loves the Transformers, and these Transformers cakes are the perfect tribute to this wonderful series. There are millions of other transformers inspired merchandise like the Bumblebee Transformer Chevy Camaro, Transformers Potato Head Toys and even the Transformers Nike Shoes, but these cakes are by far the most interesting IMHO.

The cakes are not only delicious, but they are beautifully crafted, and anyone, whether or not they love the series, will be delighted to celebrate special occasions with these cakes. The cakes featured in this post are only a few of the millions that are on the Internet, but these are my absolute favorites. Some of them are made by professionals, and some of them were made at home Ii think), but they are all really awesome. If anyone wants to get me one of these cakes, feel free.

Without boring you anymore, I present to you my pick for top 10 Transformers Cakes:

Bumblebee Transformer Cake

Bumblebee is a fan’s favorite even back with the animated series, and this specific Bumblebee cake probably made some kid the Happiest kid in the world.

. bumblebee transformer cake design

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Optimus Prime Transformer Cake

The cool thing about this Optimus Prime cake is the ability to see its size difference next to the toy model.

new optimus prime transformers cake

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Cool Transformers Cake

Keagen must have been as excited as a kid in Disneyland when he laid eyes on his Birthday cake. Well, Happy 6th Birthday Keagen from the Transformers.

cool transformers cake designs

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Autobots and Decepticons Logo Cakes

An awesome way to stay neutral and not have to choose a favorite Transformer, for here you have both the Autobots logo and Decepticons which both look and probably taste sweet.

autobots decepticons transformers cake design

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Transformers Toys Cake

The actual cake isn’t designed like a Transformer, but with the different Transformers toys taking their position, I am sure Jaden didn’t care.

cool transformers cake design

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Optimus Prime Transformer Cake

Optimus Prime is making his presence apparent once more with an amazing look as his Autobot persona.

cool optimus prime cake design

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Transformers Cake Design

A cool and easy way to make a transformers cake which combines a simple cake, some color and a toy on top.

cool transformers cake

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Transformers Vehicles Cake

Three separate Transformers cars were made as cakes to celebrate one amazing occassion.

transformers cars cake design

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Bumblebee Transformer Cupcakes

Although a cake in the shape of Bumblebee is not shown here, the entire set up is really cool, as Bumblebee stands up tall on top of the whole cupcake stand.

bumblebee transformer cupcakes design

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Optimus Prime Transformer Cake Design

A last tribute to the leader OPtimus Prime that is presented here in his full body and details.

optimus prime transformers cake

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