Adobe Photoshop & Flash Icons T-Shirts Are Very Geeky

cool adobe cs3 t shirt designs

Adobe Photoshop and Flash have been two of the most widely used applications by the whole world within Adobe CS3 as well as other creative suites editions of Adobe and here they arrive as cool and Geeky designer T Shirts.

First we have Adobe Photoshop, the cool image editing software, while the Adobe Flash helps us to easily view various videos on the Internet, and both being the priced inventions of Adobe, their gift to the world of web. This set of T-Shirts here might be the perfect new addition to your geeky uniform, since it comes complete with a set of the various icons portrayed onto the shirt in the most decent and geeky manner possible.

adobe photoshop t shirt design

Along with the Adobe Necklaces, these shirts will depict to the world your interests and possibly attract a lot of interest from similar section of the community. The two separate shirts come in two standard colors, Blue for Photoshop and Red for Flash, and both feature a set of various application related icons on them.

adobe photoshop t shirt

The back side of the Photoshop shirt reads “Cmd Sht Opt+S”, one of the standard commands used in photoshop. The credit to this whole idea, design and the final work piece goes to Takanyo, hats off to you.

adobe flash t shirt design

Some say that ‘we are what we wear’ which I reckon to be very true, and these shirts will certainly shout out to the world what you are made up of. You might also like to add the DOS T-Shirt to your collection of geeky stuff.

adobe flash t shirt