Batman Milk Carton Lets You Drink Milk While Fighting Crime

The caped crusader is back again with these really cool Batman Milk Cartons, which not only contain a “Milk Cocktail”, but they also help fight crime when you are not drinking from them – The perfect way to drink milk IMHO.

batman milk carton design

I don’t know too many people who grew up not knowing who Batman was. For those of you who never did, you have no idea what you missed out on. Anyways, now the designer Alexey Hattomonkey have come up with this brilliant idea for a milk carton that looks like Batman. This is sheer brilliance if you ask me, and looking at the simplicity of the design, I’m surprised no one thought of it earlier. It is just as cute as the Batman Mini Cosplay figures we seen earlier.

The Batman ears just add that little extra that make the whole thing just perfect, not to mention the amazing expression Batman has on the carton and the little touch with the straw. The picture too is quite cool, with the little puddle of strawberry milk right under the straw. True genius on a carton.

What is more, this strawberry “Milk Cocktail By Joe” is perfectly suited to the carton, although I would have preferred something that was a little cooler, and more ¬†macho-like to suit Batman’s image. I just cant wait till they start retailing these milk cocktails in their wonderful cartons.

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