Games Inspired Pretty Pixel Swarovski Designs

new pacman swarovski jewelry

Most modern jewelry designers use modern software to create new designs, and Team Tentakulu’s PacMan, Tetris, and Space Invaders inspired Pretty Pixel Swarovski designs bear testimony to the fact that innovative games and virtual world are dominating imagination of creative persons. Though these games are old but designs they have inspired are innovative and new and no doubt technology is having a great impact on their art and creativity.

new space invaders swarovski

Pixel play with crystals has been never been so interesting, for crystals themselves have pixel like quality; the more you play with their dimensions the more they reveal their beauty. It is a play of geometry, dimension and light, and the Pretty Pixel Swarovski designs of rings, pendants and necklaces are extremely trendy, stylish, geeky, and also somewhat nostalgic – these games are first generation computer geek games. In fact these simple games got us addicted to gaming and virtual world.

new tetris swarovski jewelry

The Pretty Pixel designs will be a rage among modern glamorous women who have shattered all glass ceilings. They are few other similar highly unconventional designs like Periodic Table Jewelry or Cool Space Invaders Blingvaders Necklaces which make a statement of style, fashion and intelligence.