What Space Invaders Actually Look Like In 3D

Here is an amazing new look of the Space Invaders ships like we never really seen before, as the 3D Alien ship and the shadow it casts upon earth, which is what we saw back in the days the game was played.

There have always been some really surprising moments when you just move your frame of reference from the 2-D plane to the 3-D plane, some of the features that are not visible in the 2-D plane will totally change the looks of the object when seen from the 3-D plane, here is one great example of the above mentioned phenomenon. Here is a rare pic of what our humble Space Invaders Aliens look in the 3-D phase.

3d space invaders t shirt

This picture shows us how futuristic and advanced is the look of our little Alien friends. Obviously the work of some graphic designer, who seems to have done his orthographic and isometric projections pretty well, has come up with something that has changed our perspective of how we look at our little retro gaming friends. This is an actual copy of the original work onto a t-shirt with a huge attitude of gaming geeks.

The best thing about the shirt is that it sells for only $18, and the worst part is that we do not have the link for the product site!, just joking you can get yourself one by just following the jump. It is like just having your world turned up side down, an then being asked to pay for knowing the truth, or maybe you could just get yourself the Sexy Tetris Dress, and gift it to your girlfriend.

Product via: Geekologie