Mouse with Grass Cover Seems Pointless

grass mouse

They say it is ever so easy to find things that are useful but look boring. However, to find something that is absolutely pointless but interesting can be a daunting task. Well, if you traveled to Japan, you might find a lot of things that are useless but look damn interesting.

Here is a weird and pointless mouse which comes covered in grass. While the idea may look good to those who advocate green living, it is rather funny to imagine you might have to water the mouse so that the grass stays green and fresh.

The mouse is one of the many objects covered in grass by Japanese artist Hanaoka, who has also covered cars in grass. If you ever visit Japan, make sure you do ask people around who they plan to water this mouse if you see someone having it. Perhaps this would be great for those in the computer industry as that would remind them that the junk that computer hardware generates after becoming unusable creates a lot of ecological and environmental problems.

It actually might be a good gift for such people! If you are tired of all the grassy and mousey stuff that you read just now, you might want to read about an equally pointless Cassette Case for the iPod Nano or the Grass Cellphone concept. It certainly could be declared to be a work of art, but with not much functionality whatsoever.

Via: Foolish Gadgets