Zip Hoody Space Invaders Jersey Keeps You Warm

Zip Hoody Space Invaders Jersey

The Space Invaders will take over your wardrobe this time, if this ‘Zip Hoody’ redesigned jersey happens to make its way into your house in a retro, yet fashionable way. As a perfect tribute to the franchise, the designers have sewed characters from the video game on to this piece of attire. If you have loved the 8-bit invaders, this will make a perfect companion when you step out on a cold day. It is fabricated with 17 ounces of low pill 100% cotton, and the single ply material will make sure the insulation is taken care of. There are pouch front pockets, enough to hold your favorite iPod or a large phone.

Zip Hoody Space Invaders

The Zip Hoody has inner linings, inner hood print as well as a custom zipper. The sewed design is also of high quality material, making sure that all eyes are turned towards you when you walk through a crowd. The waistband and cuffs are made of ribbed cotton/spandex, while the hood has dual lining (with the print) to keep your ears protected from the cold. If you are impressed, you can get one for yourself. It costs $69.95.

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Zip Hoody Space Invaders Jersey Rear