Big Lebowski Costumes: Wear The ‘Dude’ Attitude

The Big Lebowski Robe Costume

If you remember the origins of ‘The Dude’, then make some space in your wardrobe for these cool ‘The Big Lebowski’ costumes that may seem ridiculous, but you cannot deny the fun. Right from the always-there bathrobe to the droll jumpsuit of ‘The Jesus’, you can have them all. Jeff Bridges certainly immortalized the character on screen, and left the world considering the word ‘dude’ an imperative part of everyday lingo. Credits aside, the movie in itself has spawned numerous products in recent times. We have seen Big Lebowski dolls, key chains, and a horde of other cool collectibles. Now, with these costumes, you get to wear the ‘attitude’ whenever you want. All you need to do is pick up the dude’s robe and strut around.

The Jesus Lebowski Blue Jumpsuit

Those of you who have loved the costume but are still figuring out what this is all about, we must tell you that ‘The Big Lebowski’ has been a cult classic among contemporary movies, and anything that serves as a reminder will find millions of takers across the globe. So, this product has already sold itself on its concept. The Jesus jumpsuits, on the other hand, are for those who have loved the dude’s nemesis in the bowling game. Now you can mark your territory or make do with role play switches.

The Jesus Lebowski Purple Jumpsuit

Besides being able to be the dude for only $60, you can check out other ‘The Big Lebowski’ collectibles, check out the Big Lebowski Lego Art and the Lebowski Bowling Pin Art Set.