Pacman and Green Poster for Geeky Gamers

Jimm Porter has designed two awesome posters for geeky gamers, one depicts Pacman scores in Pacman style and other is a green poster reminding all geek gamers to switch to green mode before it is too late and it displays new video games Greenpeace score.

Game green and Pacman poster 2

The later one “Gaming Design” is in tune with global mood set by Copenhagen climate change summit. The poster by Jim Porter puts it in simple straight way that the new earth game is either ‘Game green’ or ‘Game Over’ – how true there is really no other option. Of course this poster is specifically meant for gamers urging them to support green games and green scores show Sony games win hands down and most popular Nintendo loses out totally.

Pacman poster “PacaMana” is very geeky and it’s a puzzle in fact. Please take a look and guess Jimm Porter’s first recorded perfect score. One cannot miss out Pacman and all characters in the poster. Any geek gamer would love to own this intriguing Pacman poster.

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Game green and Pacman poster 1