Asus Waveface Ultra: The OLED Smartphone Bracelet

In the past few years and after the introduction of the Smartphone, it has progressively become smaller and much sleeker than before, but with an increasing level of performance. Asus has recently unveiled another futuristic OLED Smartphone reduced to the form of a bracelet.

Dubbed as Waveface Ultra, this new futuristic OLED wristband Smartphone is just as powerful as any other smartphones of the present day. You can snap the device very easily on your wrist and thus making your hands free. This highly portable and wearable device is capable of providing you access to information and services almost anywhere and at anytime. You can even make it flat to enlarge the viewing area. The Waveface Ultra further allows you to even carry your valuable files and access them at any time and at any place.

The most amazing feature of this wearable concept is that you can control the device by the gestures of your hand either in the mid of the air or simple by touching the display. The Asus Waveface Ultra, although a concept yet, but this wearable computer or cell phone is quite trendy and functional as well, providing you with your valuable info at right time.

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Via: [TechFresh Network]