iStyle Originals: Clothing for the iGeneration [CES 2010]

The music market has definitely come of age in last 10 years with tech big-wigs like Creative, Sony and Microsoft trying to subvert the presence of iPod, but statistical figures still remain biased towards Apple’s iPod. The music gadget was a milestone creation and years after years, it still manages to hold its patron in awe. iStyle Originals too joins in the cult following of iPod and offers a simple yet unique clothing and accessories for the iGeneration.

iStyle Originals has a lot to offer for every member in the house, be it kids, adults and even your cuddly pets. The plain black T-shirts bear actions words for the teenage league like Rock, Party, Tweet preceded by “i”, showing the cult following of iPod and iPhone.  Tiny Tots have access to little more variety with Black tees, cute white snap-shirts and iBurb Bibs. There are cute tees with iQuotes like iBark, iPaw’d and iChew to doll up your puppies. Everything around you should speak of your obsession, so I pretty much like the idea of dressing up your pet in the similar fashion. It doesn’t end at white and black Tees, there are Beanies, Golf Balls and Pillow Cases, all stamped with the “i” culture.

The best part here is the price. It has an entire line-up of first-of-its-kind stuff and is tagged at $15-$20. I think it makes up for cool gifting ideas or even as collectibles because it wouldn’t burn a hole in your wallet.

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