Transformers All Spark Cube Xbox 360 Mod is Out of This World!

xbox 360 transformers mod

This is one of the most amazing Xbox 360 mods I have ever seen, and it makes me wonder why no one thought of modding an Xbox inside a Transformers All Spark before. I don’t know about any of you, but this combo simply makes sense…connecting two powerful Geek worlds together.

transformers all spark cube xbox 360 mods

transformers all spark cube xbox 360

There are many Transformers fans and probably just as many (if not way more) Xbox 360 gamers out there, so this new Xbox 360 Mod bringing the two worlds together is definitely something they could literally go crazy about!

transformers all spark cube xbox 360 mod

new xbox 360 mod transformers

As every Transformers fan is familiar with the All Spark Cube, so has every Xbox gamer seen some crazy and amazing Xbox 360 modification. In this latest mod, GivenTats created an Xbox that is encased inside the All Spark Cube (to a larger size of course).

xbox 360 mod transformers

transformers xbox 360 mod

The details of the All Spark Cube are amazing as the Transformers Hieroglyphics and language (hand-etched) are maintained on the cube for all to see. Moreover, the Decepticons logo is also added for the evil feature, and perhaps to remind Geeks that although it looks cool, the cube is rather evil.

As in performance, it is just like any Xbox 360 you are familiar with, but the CD comes out of a special compartment from within the Transformers PC.

transformers all spark cube xbox light 2

If these kind of mods are what you can really appreciate, then you should definitely check the huge collection of the Coolest Mods of 2009 which include Apple and PC Computer mods, Xbox 360 mods, Nintendo Wii and also PS3 Mods.

transformers all spark cube xbox light 3

transformers all spark cube xbox light

Via: Gearfuse