Master Chief ‘Halo’ Hat to Hide Away From the World

The most interesting characters in many video games are masked and these heroes and anti-heroes never show their face. The face remains a mystery while the super-power and inherent character catches gamers and geeks imagination so much that masks, head gears, garbs become best sold fashion products. Here is Master Chief Hat designed for those who think revealing face is not important and want to hide away from the world.

The stylish Master Chief Hat made of finest fleece promises to hide your face but not your personality from the world. Master Chief of Halo Universe video game is an intriguing Spartan super soldier who reveals only his strong will, strength and power to overcome odds to save lives. The best part of the game is face becomes unimportant along with it the self and the universe, the larger events and role of the protagonist become the main focus.

It will be ideal wear for themed parties or even for winter nights when you want to be alone and warm in your own personal space with imagination for company. Video games and modern geek games add much fuel to imagination of geeks which enough to shun boring real human world. Gaming fans and geeks will also love The Steampunk Iron  Man Helmet and those who are looking for geeky casual wear can opt for Adidas Star Wars Jackets.

Via: HawtyMcBloggy