Pi T-Shirts Are Your Answer To The Approximate Value Of The Irrational Number

We should probably give a big thanks to Archimedes before we even think of putting on this t-shirt, who without the help of modern trigonometry found an approximate value of the Pi, which the Egyptians and Babylonians tried for centuries and still couldn’t find it, i.e 3.141. Pi T-shirtThe Pi or rather ? (in the actual Greek form) is defined as the ratio of the circle’s circumference¬† divided by it’s diameter, which has been puzzling many for centuries, and now we finally have a good approximation of it’s value in the form of this T-shirt.

The T-shirt portrays a humongous ? on it’s front which is actually made up of the first 4493 digits that appear in the Pi’s approximate value, pretty cool right? Selling for $15.99-$16.99, this metro blue colored tee is a sure addition to every geek’s wardrobe and Cool Tees list, so get your own soon and mesmerize the folk around you.

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