How to Build a Self-Balancing Segway Skateboard

In most cities skateboards are frowned upon because of the perceived dangers involved. However, skateboarding is not only fun but quite a lifestyle as well. If you are really into skateboarding, you could try and build a Self-Balancing Segway Skateboard which seems like a weird cross between a Segway scooter, a Skateboard and a weird wheeled vehicle.

Segway Skateboard

Using the open source Arduino microcontroller and a motor you could turn a standard skateboard into a Self-Balancing Segway Skateboard.

Of course, you would need to add a few sensors as well, which would help you balance on the Segway-like wheel. It is light and you could carry it wherever you want, and thanks to the accelerometers and gyros, you could maintain not only the balance but also the direction in which you are heading. Thus, the perceived dangers of skateboards can be nullified.

You could take a look at the complete DIY instructions at Instructables. If you were looking for something else to ride on, you could take a look at the Skateboard Super Mario Sculpture, which really is a work of art. The 3-in-1 Vehicle functions as a pulley, a bike and also a skateboard.

Via: Hack n Mod