Cool Batman & Superman Stainless Steel Rings for the Superhero Within

It’s either Batman or Superman, now you finally gotta make your choice as any further delay might end you up with neither of the Batman nor the Superman rings, for which some of you might be waiting for a long time. batman-and-superman-rings1These cool rings are made form stainless steel and bear the highly recognizable logos of two of the most popular superheroes of our times, Batman and Superman. Selling for $35 each, they are available in either Black or Silver color and are the perfect accessory for any fan or collector who is very loyal to the Dark Knight or the Savior from Krypton.batman-ring-black

The rings are really cool and geeky and might attract the attention of a lot of fans and collectors so better make sure you are getting one for yourself before the stocks are wiped clean.superman-ring-black

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Via: Fashionably Geek