Pacman Note Cards Revolutionize Writing

Arguably, one of the most beloved video game franchises is Pacman, so it’s hardly any surprise that there are products out there which reflect its popularity. One such product is a line of Pacman note cards, that we have come across. Available for $4, these blank note cards will bring back the lost art of writing messages, instead of texting them.

pac man note cards

Once upon a time there used to be devices called pen and paper that we humans used to use for communicating. Anything from a simple “Hi” to a more assertive “Do the Laundry” used to be hand-written. But just like the dinosaurs were wiped out off the face of this planet, the art of writing vanished too. With the rise of text messaging, or should I say “txt msgng” and online social networking, there is surely a growing need of humans embracing the art of writing once again. That’s where these Pacman note cards come in. The only thing worse about the illusion of happiness portrayed in traditional greeting cards is the freakishly corny message each one carries within. This Pacman card is one of those blank ones which allow you to unleash your creativity and be original. To add on to that, what these cards do carry inside is a vintage Super Pacman gamecard.

pac man card inlay

Quite obviously these cards are going to strike a chord with the fans of the Pacman universe; what is more important is that, the practice of writing on note cards might encourage people to use a pen after all these years, once again. If you like the idea of Pacman ruling your life, then definitely check out Pacman wall lamps and Pacman Furniture here at Walyou.

Via – Gizmodiva