Cursor Mirrors Will Perfectly Reflect Your Geeky Attire

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Geekiest Of You All?, probably even the evil witch from the highly popular Snow White tale might never come to possess a cool and amazing mirror like this, these cursor shaped mirrors are specially made for smart geeks that like to make an appeal to the crowd.Cursor Mirror1

These mirrors are all themed upon one of the most common yet highly indispensable part of any operating system- the Cursor, the cursor is probably the most ingenious way for man to communicate with the system and it’s graphic user interface, thus making the system more simpler and a lot more fun to use.

Cursor Mirror2

The mirrors from Soner Onzec are based upon the classic cursor icon way back from when the graphic user interface was first launched, yes! the Hourglass, the Hand and the Pointer Arrow. Come to think of it these cursor icons have undergone a huge change in the past decade and you might find a huge number of them just popping up on various sites as you surf them, but we can still recognize the father of them all, which is just not the case with the other devices.

Now a cursor can be compared to just a sitting duck without it’s companion the Mouse!, so why not have a look the cool mouse concepts that are really appealing, like the Razer Deathadder Lefty Mouse for the southpaw’s; or the cool Shark Mouse concept, but be careful you might get bitten!