The Gear Ring Design Sets Your Life In Motion

With the recent technology trend in motion, what else we can think of other than small mechanisms related to our daily life. With this motion in our mind here comes a unique creation from Kinekt Design, the Gear Ring.
Gear Ring, as the name itself relates to a small machine part used in our daily life, the gear also looks exactly the same. Keeping the recent motion trend mind, Glen Liberman, the creator of Kinekt and a lover of small mechanisms finally gave the ultimate look of this outstanding Gear Ring. This uniquely designed ring is not only a perfect match to our present fashion trend but also speaks of our forward thinking mentality too. Made of high quality stainless steel with matte finish, the ring consists of six micro precision gears. All these gears turn together if you spin the outer rim of the ring.
Be it any occasion, this unique ring is designed to fit any finger – be it him or her. If your partner is a truly fascinated by small machines and mechanisms, there’s no other gift like the Gear Ring that can work as a real inspiration. The ring is presently available in five ring sizes including 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. However more size options are about to come up soon. Priced at $165, the Gear Ring comes with a lifetime warranty too. For more such fashionable stainless steel rings, check back with these cool Batman and Superman Stainless Steel Rings.

Thanks Andy for the tip!