Fight Crime in Your Greatest American Hero Hoodie

If you wanted to hit up obscure 80 TV series references and have them transplanted onto an article of clothing, this Greatest American Hero Hoodie has to be up there as one of the best. The show originally aired on ABC for about three seasons all the way back from 1981 to 1983 (with a 2 hour movie premiere originally and the hoodie features the prominent symbol from the show.

I’m not sure sure how trustworthy I’d feel if a bunch of aliens showed up and said “here put this on and you’ll be superhuman!” but it worked for Ralph Hinkley and that’s good enough for me.  It was also apparently good enough for a spinoff show in 1986. The show’s name, you ask? A not very unique Greatest American Heroine. I guess Ralph enjoyed being a hero so much that his real identity gets loose and he becomes an instant celebrity. Now that may work for Tony Stark, but aliens are not so forgiving. They end up giving the suit to another person who can handle the responsibility, a girl as it turns out.  Unfortunately the pilot didn’t live up to snuff and the series never saw the light of day.

The shirt is about as red as you can get and made of 100% cotton. For a sweatshirt it runs for a pretty reasonable price at $35.99, although if you’re looking for the adult size you better move fast! The site is currently showing less than 5 left in inventory, otherwise how can you impress all 3 of your friends that actually have any idea what the show was? If customer reviews are any indication, the hoodie is plenty soft and the sizes are spot on if you’re looking for the right fit.

Now the real question is whether you’d be willing to pick up this hoodie over one of the many featured here at Walyou. More of your friends would almost certainly recognize a Mega Man or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hoodies, but then the obscurity is part of the fun. I’ll have to wear this to my next anime convention and see if I get any savvy con-goers to recognize it. I figure it’s either that or blank stares, but both will be amusing in their own way.