The Marvel and Tokidoki Team Brings you Hoodies and T-shirts on Par with Awesomeness

What do you think happens when comic bliss Marvel and the Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand, Tokidoki, team up? Well there’s this big bang of T-shirts and hoodies with marvelous patterns.Marvel and Tokidoki Team Brings you Hoodies

Simone Legno, the mastermind behind this new range of apparel, decided to focus on the life of superheroes beyond their life saving and death-defying activities for his 2010 fall collection. The hoodies have been brilliantly designed with a classic rendition of an open comic book on the inside, with what appears to be a pissed of wolverine cutting a stake on the outside of one and  a bunch of other marvel superheroes on another. The black hoodie with Spider-Man playing basketball looks totally brilliant!

Marvel and Tokidoki Team Brings you Hoodies (3)Marvel and Tokidoki Team Brings you Hoodies (2)

Along with the hoodies there are also a range of amazingly designed  T-shirts which all portray your beloved Marvel idols in their childlike forms. There’s the magnificent Captain America working at a fast food joint and delivering food on a skateboard, your beloved Thor playing with a unicorn, Hulk with a group of cheerleaders, Spider-Man with his bottom stuck on a cactus and Iron Man playing football, just to name a few. We’d never have imagined our Superheroes in such hilarious scenarios!

Marvel and Tokidoki Team Brings you Hoodies (5)

These hoodies and T-shirts are available for both men and ladies. While the T-shirts retail for $28, the hoodies are up for $65 and can be bought from the Tokidoki shop. So, what you waiting for? Get your favorite hoodie and T-shirt now!

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Via: Fashionably Geek