Infinite USB Concept: You’ll never be out of USB ports again!

Too many gadgets? Are you all out of USB ports? Well here’s the Infinite USB concept! You’ll never be out of USB ports again and also add some color and exceptional design to your tech area.Infinite USB concept

A major disadvantage of today’s computers and laptops lies in their limited number of USB ports as compared to the number of gadgets we’d like to attach at a time, resulting in a constant swapping of devices in the ports. However there is a cure and it lies in these Infinite USB plugs which act like a chain with which you can go on attaching your iPods, cameras, mobile phones, thumb drives, memory cards, portable hard drives and the list is endless!

The Infinite USB concept designed by Gonglue Jiang fetched him the iF Concept Award 2010. With this brilliant design Jiang tried to show how much easier it would be if more and more devices were designed with plugs like these. There wouldn’t be any limitation to the number of gadgets we could attach to our laptops at a time.

Infinite USB concept (2)

These plugs are facilitated by their colorful design which makes it easy to figure out which plug belongs to which gadget and making the chain of USB plugs look more vibrant.

You’ll probably be wondering, if they are too many gadgets attached to one USB port won’t there be a shortage of power? Well, Gonglue Jiang has also designed an external power adapter to supply more power to the USB line.

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