Get Ready To Update Your Headgear with the New Iron Man 2 Cap

He is a jet-setting trendsetter amongst superheroes with his red, hi-tech armored suit, bevy of beauties, enviable collection of sport cars, and JARVIS – an Artificial Intelligence computer program. Iron Man, the jet-setting superhero, is red hot right now with a successful movie franchise and a new legion of fans.

The first Iron Man movie grossed close to a 100 million USD in its opening weekend, which prompted executives at Marvel to develop two more films and make it part of a trilogy. Marvel is now ready with the second installment and in order to celebrate the occasion, the comic book giant asked New Era to design 59Fifty caps for fans and collectors.

Iron Man 2 has Robert Downey Jr. who reprises the role of the armored superhero with a host of new characters including War Machine and Natasha Romanoff – an undercover spy.

Thus New Era decided to factor in these new characters for its cap design. The caps have been designed in three distinct styles. First up we have the mean, War Machine inspired, cap designs. They are jet black in color with the grey metal helmet of the character imprinted on the hood of the cap. The standout feature of this cap, design wise, is its shiny, metallic leather finish. When you wear the cap, it really looks like a shiny helmet.

Continuing with shiny, another neat feature of this cap is that the eyes of the helmet glow in the dark. Suppose you are over at a friend’s place for a party and the lights go off. Your friends will be amazed to see the eyes on your War Machine cap light up. Thus perfect if you want to impress a girl or two.

The second set includes high-resolution Iron Man suit prints on the visor of the cap. Called the Iron Man Viza Print, the visor on these caps features the brand new, shiny suit in full flight. The hood is draped in red with the Iron Man helmet stitched on to it.

The third set includes various images from the latest editions of the Iron Man Comics. The visor and the hood feature all color prints of the superhero in various action poses.

Due credit must be given to New Era who could have easily imprinted some generic designs on to the caps. But they made a conscious effort to give each cap an individual style.

With the launch of these Iron Man 2 59Fifty caps this summer, get ready for some serious headgear design. Each is available for only $31.99.

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