Atlantis Vault, the Watch You Could Flaunt in Water!

Atlantis Vault could be a constant companion to your wrist in water. Designed by an Indian student from the Symbiosis Institute of Design, Atlantis Vault is an “under water treasure” for the watch connoisseurs. Infact, even the very name of the watch seems to have an oceanic connotation.

Atlantis Vault 1

A dial within a dial, adds to the style quotient of the watch that other wise looks like a regular watch. The radium in the dial helps check time in pitch dark. It would also help you locate the watch in case you have misplaced it.

Aviv Nair‘s sleek and smart watch would surely help me keep a track of time, when I ‘chill’ out in the pool, to beat the heat.

Atlantis Vault watch

The designer seems to have drawn his inspiration from vivid sources like video games, fantasy art and nature. He believes in simplicity and that is pretty much evident in the work he has come up with.

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