Super Mario On Your Nails

Who doesn’t remember playing Super Mario Bros as a kid? When computer gaming was just taking baby steps towards development, Super Mario Bros was THE game and was an absolute essential thing to possess. Though gaming has gained a whole new meaning today, Mario still remains etched into our memories and the die-hard fans would do anything to keep its memory alive.

One such fan is The Daily Mail blog writer who plans to do 365 nail designs in 365 days. Commendable you might think but what does a nail design has to do with Mario?  As bizarre as this may sound, try and imagine Super Mario designs on your nails. This is exactly what the Daily Mail writer has been able to accomplish.

Fashioning Nail art from the graphics of the Mario game has been the newest discovery by the writer.  She has painted the little question marks, that used to pop-out in the game, on the nails of one hand and colored the nails of the other hand with those little growth mushrooms and glittery golden coins. And this too has been done with extreme intricacy using a whole range of vibrant and exclusive nail-paints. Mind you, for some, just finding such variety of colors would be reason enough not to try such a task!

Top nail paint brands such as American Apparel, Sally Hanson, China Glaze and many more have been used to make the designs come to life. And though the base for Mushroom and the coin designs do seem to have that edge to them, the Question mark design seems to fall flat because of the odd choice of color which fails to grab attention, making the design look a little unkempt.

When you combine the newest fashion obsession with the nostalgic gaming obsession, the results can be truly magnificent. And so happens to be in this case. Though the question mark design may fail to impress the fashion jury, the designs and the idea on the whole takes the cake. Fashion has always been about taking things to a more unimaginable and eccentric levels. And the Super Mario designs seem to have grasped the pulse of the nail-art fashion.

Some might consider this a little too kinky for their taste, but I’m sure the fans would be dying to paint the nails of their hands and feet with those little mushrooms and coins that was once what gaming was all about.

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Via: Daily Nail