OWLE iPhone Video Rig Helps Your iPhone Deliver The Best Picture Quality!

The Apple iPhone came and conquered everyone’s hearts. But alas! Not for long. They said the camera lens is not good enough, and the mic is always facing downwards for some reason. But fret no more. The OWLE iPhone Video/Rig has come to the rescue.
Its anodized aluminium case improves the quality of the iPhone camera thanks to the upgraded lens and boom mic, so now you can take video or still shots that are absolutely top notch. This device contraption is fully functional with iPhone 3G though you might need to throw a few extra apps into the mix to get the best picture quality. Your beloved iPhone is fully protected by the silicone case, which can be mounted inside aluminium housing for extra protection.
OWLE iPhone2
You also needn’t worry about the camera accessories, as they can be put inside the shoe mount on top. The four screws at the corners enable you to mount the camera on a tripod. Now here is the more technical bit- this OWLE iPhone Video/Rig comes with a standard 37mm lens threading, accompanied by a 0.45x Wide angle/macro combination lens, which can be supplemented with any other lens having a 37mm mount. All these I must say are all welcome additions. Now if you want one for yourself, they run for $129.99.
OWLE iPhone3\
You also have an iWatch concept, which might become part of the Apple family soon, and the conceptual iWeight Digital iPad Scale, which probably won’t become a reality.