Marcus: A Smart Ring That Monitors Your UV Rays Exposure

As the ozone layer is depleting day by day, diseases caused by UV rays has become a cause for concern. Marcus, comes at a crucial time when doctors and patients alike are trying to find ways of limiting or at least monitoring their sun exposure.

Marcus UV rays detector

It is basically a concept device that has a UV ray detector, which is capable of measuring and recording relevant information about the amount of time one is exposed to the sun. The practical purpose of this is prevention of skin and eye diseases like Melanoma, while simultaneously helping the doctors to keep records.

Marcus UV rays detector2

While researching for the project it was realized that our hands are most exposed to UV rays. Hence, emerged the ring design made with LCP material. Most of these wearable gadgets are not very discrete. But thankfully, the people at MHS electronics have made sure that the rings don’t appear like some out of place device. They look smart and discrete, and come in two designs, one for men and one for women.

Marcus UV rays detector3

So now you have a cute ring on your finger that works like a medication without others knowing it.

Marcus UV rays detector4

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