Rocket Boy: A very cute, lovely and adorable animated figure

For those who have watched the movie ‘UP’, Russell has become the fav character for sure. And for others, the innocent and smart boy from the movie ‘Astro Boy’ makes a good choice too. But the character that we have at WalYou today will make you beat your mind to know who is your favorite animated face, now.

We are talking about the Rocket Boy, whom I find 50-50 mix of Russell from the movie UP and the hero of the movie, Astro Boy. Before we discuss him, lets have a close look at these photos of him. Loving, Beautiful and very very Cute!

Rocket Boy

Cute Rocket Boy

Featured Rocket Boy

It would not surprise me if it reminds you of the star of a very cute film, Wall E. The Rocket Boy also looks like pretty alone and might be doing just the same stuff what Wall E was doing. Like roaming aimlessly, finding, examining and then storing wastes and other items.

Looking at the pics made by Norio Fujikawa, it seems like that our cute boy is busy exploring stuff on the earth, or may be some destroyed planet whereat he is the only creature left by the destiny. Maybe you can come up some other better fantasy stuff, like who is he and what he may be doing around where he is? On the funnier side, it also impresses well that the astronauts we keep sending from earth have had a child in the distant space who has fully adapted to the life there with some freakishly technology.

Sideview of Rocket Boy

Backview - Rocket Boy

The suit wore by the boy is plain white with two fuel tanks attached to it sizing almost equal to the ‘rocketeer’ himself. The suits belongs to the company ‘Norcol’ and has a date mentioned ’02-2010′. Hope it is not the expiry date of the suit but manufacturing date.

Surely, all of us would want  a piece of rocket boy at home, in the form of paper weight or as a wall decorator. Throw in other ideas of making a marketable product out of this. And what do you think about a ‘brick game’ of Rocket Boy? Or a animated movie?

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