Paint the Apps of iPhone 4G on Your Nails

The hottest release in the geeky world today is your beloved iPhone 4G. Well yes, believe it or not, this model boasts more than 100 new features! But all those unlucky girls, who haven’t yet managed to get their hands on this whacky piece, well, enjoy some of these wondrous iPhone applications by painting them right on your nails. A way to express the passion for iPhone 4, or to get over the crave in your eyes to get the iPhone yourself, support your maniac with awesome nail arts.Paint the Apps of IPhone 4G on Your Nails

Iphone have created unarguably the craziest obsession for all the Apple lovers. And why not, when it supplies you with every kind of networking or entertainment possible, right from facebook to twitter, iPhone car starters to educational apps, or the most popular vintage calculator apps. Well, this awesome nail art lets you enjoy almost 10 of these.

Starting with the left hand, thumb represents the most famous media files locator, you tube; index finger adorning the current weather report; while the middle figure is painted like a map; the ring finger flaunting the date, thus representing the calendar app; and last but not the list, the little pinky finger is dedicated to your favorite iTunes store!

Paint the Apps of IPhone 4G on Your Nails 2

Well, the intrinsic art continues on the right hand, where the thumb flaunts the calculator; index finger goes for the notes look; middle finger representing the call making logo for phones, while the ring finger and the pinky show facebook and iPod respectively.

You could also try out some other apps to suit your choice, and enjoy the beauty of nail arts, just like the Super Mario on Nails.

Via: The Daily Nail