Refreshing Farmville Coasters for Your Table

Picture this: You get up in the morning a little woozy with unfinished sleep. A freshly brewed pot of coffee sits in the kitchen. You grab a cuppa and proceed outdoors to take in the early morning sun. You stand on a patch of farmland; the golden maize on the farm sways gently with the morning breeze. The livestock on the farm is waking up too and you can hear their rustle in the early morning stillness.

Those living hectic city lives would give anything to wake up in such a setting. You can now recreate some of the stillness and magical beauty of a rustic morning, right on your coffee table, with a set of coasters that resemble a patch from Farmville.

farmville coasters design image

‘Land Coasters’ by Meninos is a coaster kit containing six units of coasters that will bring the farmville experience to your ‘city’ mornings. Each unit recreates a square patch of farmland with an image of deep brown soil tilled with black seeds, mixed with the top layer of light brown mud, and short green shrubs growing on the edges imprinted on the coaster. Land Coasters are available in a rubberized texture that makes it flexible and washable.

Most of us who live in the city and run the rat race for daily survival would love to return to the simple roots of our ancestors: farming land and rearing livestock. There is a sense of simplicity and a joyful sensation when you work the soil and then watch nature work its magic.

cool farmville coasters design image

Testament to the desire of returning to our roots can be found in the fact that the most popular game application on Facebook (the most popular social networking site) is FarmVille. A quarter of Facebook fans are addicted to the farming game.

FarmVille allows you to manage your own piece of farmland by selling crops to purchase seeds, animals, vehicles, and other farm equipment. Social networking enthusiasts who play the farm simulation game should find Land Coasters a welcome addition to their FarmVille experience.  It would serve as a daily reminder to manage the virtual farm and earn ‘farm coins’.

Coasters have largely been relegated to the bottom rung of home décor, used by people who do not like cups or glass stains on their tables.  With Land Coasters, the coaster has become a geeky collectible item for the followers of FarmVille. As for the rest of us, it will serve as a reminder of fresh farm mornings. This set of coaster is available at $24.99.

Floppy Disk Coasters and iPhone Apps Coasters are few other coasters that you could choose to have  on your tables.

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