Intimidator Puzzle Makes A Cool Gun

Before having a look at The Intimidator, a puzzle made by GarE Maxton, perhaps one would never agree with it that a game of puzzle can also be so intricate and such a masterpiece.

Golden Gun

This puzzle has been able to establish itself as an instance of great creativity and the Michigan machinist GarE Maxton must be commended for his brilliant work. The dissembled pieces of the puzzle can leave anyone clueless and then stunned to know that a single-shot pistol can also be built out of just 20 pieces! The package contains some other things like 45 caliber bullets, a canister with black powder pellets in it, a standard and a laser sight and miscellaneous others.

Golden Gun Puzzle

It was during the summer school art courses of his childhood when Maxton learned a little bit of welding work and that little knowledge today has turned out to be an amazing creation of the present time. It was his all industrious and timeless efforts after which at last he has come up with an eight inches tall, four inches deep, and five inches wide build. The pieces of puzzles used for making this cube are actually 3 dimensional metal pieces which are cut with proper precision and perfection to fit with each other and then finally given the shape of the cube. So, you might have been able to guess the labor and effort behind the creation of these puzzles and the whole concept of making the cube.

hidden Golden Gun

Maxton has named this puzzle work as the Intimidator and that is precise enough. As for making this 8-inch cube, he has put together 54 individual puzzle pieces that are made of 20 different metals. The most of the 20 metals used for making the puzzles pieces are those that almost no one can think of so very easily. These include copper, bearing bronze, cast iron, magnesium, Monel, zinc, aluminum, tungsten, 24K gold, neodynium iron, stainless steel, brass, Inconel, silicon bronze, steel, white brass, tin, titanium, silver bullion, aluminum bronze, Damascus steel (occasionally) and pewter and lots others.

So much so to marvel about it and so much for one to learn from an amazing work like this; this 54 puzzle piece made Intimidator, does not only leave you marveled but very much puzzled too. Definitely not a cup of tea for everybody, the professional puzzle players too are even about to have some good time while trying their hands on it!

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Via: Makezine