Amazing Chinese Concept: Cars Can Drive Under the Bus

While there have always been designers who have had a vision to reduce congestion, minimize noise and still provide an environmentally friendly commuting solution, this particular Chinese Bus concept may actually become a reality. It suggests a huge commuting bus that grants cars the ability to drive underneath it as it does its rounds. Watch the extraordinary Demo video below.

Designed by Shenzhen Huashi, the Straddling Bus concept provides a lot of advantages and still grants an environmentally friendly solution with increased efficiency; The amazing concept will utilize the road space that is apparent between the street’s bridges and regular vehicles. This in turn will use up space that is not utilized in the first place, reduce building expenses and decrease congestion by allowing the traffic to continue regularly right underneath it.

chinese bus concept cars under straddling bus image

The Straddling Bus will run regularly above normal cars and right beneath overpasses while still maintaining 40 km/h. Moreover, it has a capacity of 1200 passengers with 300 in each cart. Construction of such a project is also a great advantage, for it takes only 1 year to build 40 km, while a subway takes 3 years for the same distance. The best part is that it will not require a place to park, as regular buses do, since it can remain on the road and still allow the traffic to continue as normal.

As the Bus design presents, there are two ways for passengers to climb on this Straddling bus: by loading through the sides and also by a ladder to have passengers climb down from the overpasses and through the ceiling.

Regarding the Environment-friendly aspect, this Bus concept utilizes Solar Energy and Electric power along with relay direct current electrification. The latter is explained that the bus becomes an electrical conductor with two rails on top to charge as it runs and also a charging post on the rails before it leaves. They have already thought of emergency situations as well, introducing an escape door that would automatically open in cases such as fire or more, providing an inflating like ladder…as planes have been equipped with for years.

Here is the kicker: the extraordinary Straddling Bus concept is already planned for 186 km of construction to be started by the year’s end at Beijing’s Mentougou District.

For additional information, you can view the entire translated text of the above video at China Hush.

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