Live the Classic Age of Duck Hunt Once Again!

Remember those golden days when gaming was fun and games were so humorous that even a 60 year loved to be with his grand-kids playing them? There was Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros, Tiny Toon, Pacman and so many other games that invaded our world and added some amusement to it.

Duck Hunt, in particular, was one game no one can deny was fun to play. Those weirdly funny ducks flying up from the bushes while we are standing there with a big gun like Elmer Fudd with eyes wide open to hunt them down. Don’t we miss all that? I wouldn’t believe anyone who says he doesn’t! Everyone out there would love to go back in time and enjoy those moments once again.

So what’s the deal now? Why am I blabbing about those long gone golden days? Of course I wouldn’t be doing that without a reason would I? I am actually quite excited to annonce this awesome Duck Hunt T-shirt. It’s designed by some angelic person for which we should all stand and give him or her a huge round of applause. The T-shirt is indeed beautifully designed with a ‘screen-shot’ from the Duck Hunt game. Exactly the same as it was in the game, the scene depicts the number hits and the remaining bullets at the bottom, two ducks flying trying to save their butts from being shot and the score. As far as a T-shirt goes, it might not be the best one out there. But, if you want to connect to the game or just show a sign of respect of the simple days,  you should wear it and roam the streets. I am actually waiting for a ‘Duck Hunt Day’ to be held somewhere. I would love to wear this shirt!

Oh, just a precaution – make sure you have your bullet proof jacket on or else another fan, just for the sake of reliving the moment, might shoot you! Enough said about the game and the T-shirt. If you want to check it out, view the sample right here in the picture! Don’t really know from where you can order it, but hey, perhaps  you can get it custom made because you have the concept now. Till then, Happy Ducking!

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