Lego Joystick Concept Will Destroy Other Legos

This Lego joystick is just the thing for those of you out there who want to combine your Lego-love with your geek chic gaming needs.  With the cool arcade big red ball and black base, this unique controller should become standard with any of the number of Lego mini-fig games out there.  

Although this is a custom piece and not on the market, I’d say you should email the maker and see if you can get one of your very own.  I mean, it’s Lego-riffic, complete with boxy design and black and red block coolness.  Projects like these are the reason that I could never find any black or red pieces in my Lego box.

Because it is, after all made of Legos,  you can add all your favorite little bits and pieces.  Pair this up with a Lego keyboard and a Lego mouse and you’d really be ready for anything.  Anything including, maybe, the upcoming Lego Universe game — which has a rumored release date later this year. (But who knows when it will actually be available for us Lego-fetishists out there?)

The real question is how long before one of the major game manufacturers catch wind of this?  How cool would a whole Lego concept video gaming system be?  We’re talking monitor, keyboard, mouse, joystick etc.  In fact, there are some designs out there already — including one for a wireless Lego mouse.

Thankfully, the Lego controller is more functional — and just as cool — as the concept clocks made out of video game controllers that we took a look at a while back.  One of the dangers of owning one might be actually turning into a Lego mini-fig yourself!