This Cool DIY Robotic Turret Covers All Your Bases

If you are tired of the boss or nosy colleagues always sneaking up on you at work, the Do It Yourself Robotic Turret is the perfect solution to your problems. Gone are the days of being caught out while sending emails, surfing various useless facts or just merely updating your Facebook status


As Sheldon Cooper says: “Let me tell you Leonard, personal robots can not get here fast enough…” This handy little DIY Robotic Turret comes with an easy set up to build and customize to your heart’s content. Either follow the Kit’s instructions down to the letter, or just simply follow your heart’s desire and built it up yourself. It has everything you need to build a fully programmable Pan & Tilt platform, with added Airsoft guns, lasers and web cams. You can even program autonomous behaviour. The set also includes Arbotix Robocontroller, 2 Actuators, Robot Turret base, 12v 2amp power supply, Black Bioloid Frames as well as USB cables. All this with USB interface controllable from your PC.

Personally I think the web cam is an excellent addition. Nobody will ever sneak up on you again! Stalking obese bosses with red staplers will never again be standing ever so silently behind you while you watch YouTube clips or IM with your buddies. Work in the comfort of your cubicle while your trusty little robot keeps an eye on the rest of the office for you.

Speaking of fully customizable, you can even add a nifty little pellet gun! Not just any ordinary old pellet gun. A pellet gun with, not only laser sight, but colour tracking too. Just imagine how handy that would be for some light target practice. A word of caution: Make sure your boss is not the object of your target practice! My own personal target choices would include those colleagues who “borrow” your pens and various other pieces of stationary, only to never return them. Or how about the ones who always clog around the coffee and vending machines in such a manner that you have to elbow your way through just for a decent caffeine fix.

It also comes with a fan. No more hot hot summer days on which you wish you’d just melt and get it over with. Oh no, place your little Robotic Turret in a strategic location and heat waves be gone!

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VIA: Hacknmod