6 Best Automatic Fetch Machines For Your Dog

It’s that time of the day to play with your dog. Unfortunately, you’ve got other important things to do. An automatic fetch toy for your dog is the best way to let your buddy play and stay fit, even while its master is momentarily tired or not available.

Having said that, to save you time in searching for the best one (there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from), we compiled the 6 best automatic fetch machines for dogs that we’re sure you and your dog are going to love. Whether performance or style, one thing is for sure—your dog is gonna love it!

Gotcha Talking Dog Fetch Toy

Dog Fetch Toy

The automatic ball launcher that is highly recommended for small dogs with 3 small tennis balls. The toy is used to teach dogs how to play and enjoy catching the mini-sized balls for hours. This Gotcha Talking Dog Fetch Toy costs $29.85 with free shipping on orders that are over $35.


Fetch toy

iFetch is an amazing automatic fetch toy that is used to challenge dogs into learning something new. The ball thrower comes with 1.5-inch mini-tennis balls that are great for small dogs. The $114.99 iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher is one of the best kind of automatic fetch machines for dogs, and will keep them entertained until they’re worn out and ready to doze off for hours.

Playball Automatic Ball Launches & Thrower

Playball Thrower

This ball thrower by Couch Potato is an easy to use gadget that launches smooth balls to 3 different distances. The thrower is not suitable for large breed dogs, as it only uses mini-sized balls. Furthermore, it can be used both indoor and outdoor activities. This $79.99 Playball Launcher will surely keep your little buddy busy, happy, and eventually all tuckered out.

iDog Midi Rechargeable Dog Ball Launcher

iDog Ball Launcher

A $199 fetch machine that is durable and safe to use. Its long distance shot can reach from 10 ft up to 50 ft which is great for large breed dogs. The amazing iDog Midi can shoot up to over 1700 balls every full charge with the use of 2.5-inch balls. You get 3 with each machine.

SmartPult Ball Launcher


An automatic fetch machine that is the world’s first app-enabled, programmable and remote ball launcher that is suitable for every size and breed of dog. It launches the balls to 3, 6 and 8 meters with mini tennis balls. Large breed dogs should play with caution on playing smaller balls. This  $113.52 SmartPult Launcher is a must in your bucket list if you can afford something that’s a bit more up-scale for your pet.

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher


An automatic fetch toy that has multiple safety sensors and will keep you and your dog safe at all times. It is an automatic ball thrower from PetSafe Brand, one of the leading US manufacturers of pet gadgets and stuff, that can launch the balls from 8 to 30 feet which can help your dog get plenty of exercise without wearing you out too. The $149.95 Petsafe Automatic Ball Launcher is definitely recommended when trying to choose the best automatic fetch gadget for your dog.