Top 22 Geeky Shoes and Sneakers

They say, “A man is known by the shoes that he wears.” Nothing makes this statement more true than a list of coolest shoes ever designed and made for the mankind.

Many people have the habit of judging other people by the shoes they wear. If you come across such people all the time, it’s time you pulled up your socks, literally, and put on a pair of one of the coolest and funkiest shoes.

In this article, we have listed for you twenty-two of the most geekiest and strangest shoes that are not only attractive to look at but also solve the purpose for which they are made. Get into one of these attractive shoes and get noticed.

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

If you think you see someone walking down the streets bare feet, look carefully. They could be wearing a pair of Vibram Five Fingers Shoes.

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Gangsta sneakers

Based on the Hip Hop culture, these Gangsta sneakers are for all those who love move to the beat of their own drum. These sneakers might become a rage amongst the masses because of  its unique and funky design featuring the stereo theme. Why lug around a CD player or Ipod that can be stolen?  Wear your music to take with you wherever you go.

Adidas – Crazy 2

Termed as ‘Crazy 2’, these pair of Kobe basketball shoes are a creation of Adidas. Some people say clothes don’t make a man. On the contrary, I believe more than clothes make a man, classy footwear is essential too…

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Pump Omni Lite

Does this remind you of Heineken bottle? Well, you guessed correctly. Heineken, in collaboration with Reebok, has designed unique high top basketball sneaker that give you a level of comfort much more than you could imagine. Cheers.

Asteroids Centipede Shoes

These Asteroids and Centipede Shoes are a must have for all those arcade geeks who found it difficult to come out of the gaming mode. I am sure that, like the game, these shoes will not only be a hit amongst men but women as well.

Star Wars Shoes

Now, getting the Star Wars shoes is no longer an imagination. Get out of the “reel” world. You, too, can become your favorite Star Wars character by putting on this lightweight merchandise that glows in the dark. May the Force be with you.

Transformers Shoes

Who says you can’t be a character from the Transformers series? With these trendy Transformers Shoes, you can actually decide whether you wish to be in the shoes of Megatron, Bumblebee or Soundwave Transformer. What a way to transform your wardrobe.

Super Mario Vintage Dunks

What? Nike has introduced a new range of shoes and you haven’t bought them yet? Especially since they have the theme of Super Mario Bros? These Nike shoes definitely bring back memories of the vintage dunks of your youth. Can you hear the tune Mario and Luigi jumped to?

Pacman Converse Shoes

Speakng of your nostalgic past. With every move you make, there can be Pacman chomping along with you. Don’t get confused? I am talking about the impressive Pacman Converse Shoes which are not only comfortable but stylish as well.

Shoes with Internet Application

No matter how long you stay online surfing your favorite websites, when you log out, the geek in you wishes if you possessed someway to always stay connected. How about these geeky shoe designs featuring Google, Twitter, Mario, Pacman, Halo, MGS, Sonic, and Zelda themes? Play on thumbs!

Circuitboard Shoes

We have already heard of recycled paper and recycled pens. But how about recycled shoes? Just take a look at these weird neakers which are developed using circuit board scraps. Hey, they can get you several compliments even if used as art in your home. Now you can always be “wired”.

Computer Keyboard Sneakers

If you are one of those geeks who are always in search of teh lastest computer accessories, you must take a look at these smart looking Computer Keyboard Sneakers. What makes it different is not just the design but its eco-friendly attribute as well.

Smart Technology Shoe

This Smart Technology Shoe is another impressive pair of shoes. It is made with a computer incorporated inside. Though still a concept, if made real, the shoes can prove beneficial to transfer files, mp3 files, and videos for the fast paced society always on the go.

Metal Shoes

We have always assumed that metal scraps, computer chips, and wires could only be waste. But it is minds like those of Gabriel Dishaw that have realized it could also be used to make the metal junk dunk sneakers.

Nike Dunk Shoes

Another pair of geeky shoes conceived by Gabriel Dishaw is this Nike Dunk shoes. Though these shoes weigh around 3 pounds, they are sure shot item that can leave a ‘heavy’ impression on your friends.

USB Heating Shoes

Hats off to the person who designed these shoes…. We know there are several options available for fighting winter’s forces when it comes to footwear. But this USB Heating Shoes is an interesting product that gets heated up when connected to your laptop. Ahhh, toasty tootsies.

Nike Shoes

If you find these shoes weird, let me tell you that making these shoes and its packaging box must have been a real painful task. Remarkably different from the regular footwear, the concept of these cardboard made Nike Shoes will surely grab all your attention, until of course, recycle day.

Paper Nike Shoes

These Paper Nike Shoes could only mean innovation. Featuring an excellent craftsmanship, these paper shoes are available in various colors. However, please be careful – for they might not be as strong as your regular sneakers. Avoid rain puddles.

Paper Sneakers

If you have been wondering how to resolve the global warming crisis, take a look at these cool sneakers, also made up of paper literally right out of the shoe box. Opt for eco-friendly products and do your bit to conserve the environment.

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Back to Future Shoes

Another geeky pair of shoes to catch your fancy is this extraordinary creation from Back to Future. If you have seen the triology numerous times, you’ll recognize this shoe mod is a tribute to Marty McFly’s auto closing shoes.

Shoe Hamburger

All the fans of hamburger have something new to look forward to while going through this link. No, this Burger shoe is not meant to be worn but for satisfying your hunger. Though it might not appeal to some of us, it scores ten on ten for its design! Talk about fast food!

Bacon Shoes

If your mouth has started watering after taking a look at this image, control yourself. This piece of art is not meant for eating but for giving comfort to your feet. The Bacon Shoe design is surely praise worthy!! A new way to “bring home the bacon.”