The Steampunk USB Drive with Narrow Bridge Sign

A USB flash drive is highly functional and allows users to carry large volumes of data (last count 256 GB) in their pockets or purse. The design aesthetic of the USB, however, leaves a lot to be desired.

A majority of USB drives sport the same repetitive design: an elongated tubular frame is attached to a rectangular USB connector. The frame of the USB flash drive is a metal, plastic, or rubber case that insulates and protects the circuit elements of the flash drive.

The ordinary design of the USB drive drove Will Rockwell, an ardent Steampunk follower, to design a USB in his own unique style. By incorporating elements of Steampunk, Will Rockwell has fashioned a USB drive that has impressive design cues matched by an old-school aesthetic. The drive comes along with a vintage tin box that complements the old-school feel.

Will Rockwell was driving along a country road when he happened to glance at a ‘narrow bridge’ sign on the road. The narrow bridge sign stayed  in the designer’s memory and acted as inspiration behind the Steampunk USB drive. The USB drive, to the designer’s credit, retains the texture and look of his muse – the narrow bridge.

The designer must also be credited for taking the design aesthetic of the flash drive beyond his initial inspiration and fashioning a hip computer accessory, which a coolness-conscious generation will want to get their hands on quickly.

The eclectic aesthetics of the USB drive is definitely worth describing. The Narrow Board USB Drive has an external body frame that resembles a robot. Some might say the body frame is reminiscent of Rosie the Robot from the 60s animated show, The Jetsons. The robot-shaped body frame has a rich hardwood finish, punctuated by a tiny gauge, movable control wheels, and gold plated bolts.

The removable cap of the memory stick is rectangular shaped ‘head’ with three brass dots on it. Below the removable cap, an arc-shaped gear forms the ‘neck’ portion of the flash drive. The ‘hands’ of the hardwood case are made up by curved brass railings. These three motifs complete the robot–inspired look of the flash drive.

The exquisitely designed Narrow Bridge USB Drive comes with a custom faux vintage tin box that protects the delicate artisan-ship of the drive and allows the user to carry the flash drive in a chic carry case.

If you wish to break away from the regular USB drives, check out the Steampunk drive at It is priced at $300.

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