Seabreacher X Puts Jaws to Shame

The makers of the Seabreacher have gone all out to create a submersible watercraft that can travel up to 50mph on the surface and 25mph underneath.  Not only is this thing capable of travelling both on and under the water, its body intentionally resembles that of a shark.

In fact, that’s where the makers of the Seabreacher drew their inspiration.  After watching sharks and dolphins frolic in the water they figured it was about time someone manufactured a craft that emulates the experience of being a shark or dolphin.

Complete with moveable fins and a fighter-jet style cockpit, this thing can leap out of the water, and would definitely give Jaws a run for his money.  In fact, it seems to me like the Seabreacher is straight out of a Vin Diesel movie.  No doubt the military will be interested in these things.  I mean, can you imagine one of these things with machine guns and missiles?  It’s like a personal submarine that actually looks bad-ass – which makes me wonder what exactly the Seabreacher would look like on RADAR.

Although the price tag is a little steep (the Seabreacher costs about as much as a nice sports car), there’s little doubt that the supercharged 260 horsepower engine will give you one hell of a thrill.  The manufacturers say that anyone who has a driver’s license can pilot this thing, even though it actually operates on three axis: pitch, roll, and yaw.  We’re talking left-right roll and left-right turning, as well as the ability to raise or lower the nose of the Seabreacher.   Raising and lowering the nose allow the craft to both dive underwater and leap above water.

The US Coast Guard isn’t quite sure how to classify this craft, but no doubt they’ll get that one figured out in the near future.  I anticipate that future models will have the ability to dive deeper than the current three-feet below the surface – and sincerely hopes that the price begins to drop into a more consumer-friendly range.  If you’re into alternative watercraft, you might also check out this boat/guitaror the FLIP research vessel.