17 Geeky Belt Designs

When it comes to guys, there are very few clothing accessories with which they can experiment and flaunt their style and personal taste. Out of the few options available, belts and buckles are favorite choices among guys to experiment and actually mix-and-match with their clothing and accessories.

There are several kinds of belts and buckles available in the market. However, for geeks, the choices are extremely constrained; for their likings are peculiar and sometimes even weird. We have brought for the geeks, some of the coolest and weirdest belts and belt buckles to choose from. Take a look and choose the right one to experiment with your clothing, according to your own style and taste.

The Spy Camera Belt Buckle

Are you a James Bond movie fan who love all the fancy gadgets he has and wish you could own one? Then your wish has just come true with “The Spy Camera Belt Buckle” which works on battery and captures anything you wish with an easy On/Off button. Now you can flaunt this cool gadget or use it to spy on someone.

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LED Scrolling Message Belt Buckle

The “LED Scrolling Message Belt Buckle” is one of the weird buckles to wear. As the name suggests, this belt buckle has an LED screen on the buckle, which is powered by a battery and can store up to six messages that will scroll across the screen at the speed that you want.

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Belt for Boozes

For all alcohol lovers, this belt can be a great option to carry those bottles and also a funky gadget for parties. With this belt you don’t have to carry bottles of alcohols in your hand, instead you can just hook the bottles on the belt, which has got several small pockets.

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NES Controller Belt Buckle

Chris Borgan has revealed a quirky new “Nintendo Belt Buckle”, which will please all the geeks, especially the Nintendo lovers. The “Nintendo Belt Buckle” can certainly be considered a possible entrant to the geek couture collection, especially for those who frequently attend parties with gaming themes.

Shotgun Shell Belt Buckle Remington Black

“Mini 3 Shotgun Shell Belt Buckle” is made by mounting three customized once-fired 12 Ga Remington Black shotgun shells on a new commercial buckle back. These belt buckles are individually handcrafted and each one is unique in design and dimension.

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Extension Cable Belt Buckle

“Extension Cable Belt Buckle” is easy to use and can be made at home with extension cable and plugs. This gadget will be a great attraction for all geeks who love to experiment with everything they can get their hands on.

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Gold Cassette Belt Buckle

“Gold Cassette Belt Buckle” is the coolest belt buckle for those geeks who want to wear a chic retro look. This “Gold Cassette Belt Buckle,” as the name suggests, is made from an actual cassette tape with 18K gold plating on it.

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The Barack Obama Look Alike Spy Belt Buckle

The “Barack Obama Belt Buckle” is definitely a cool gadget to flaunt if you’re a fan of the new President of the United States. Besides having an Obama look alike as a faceplate, this belt has got a mini camera and a hidden microphone in it.

Atari Belt Buckle

Nowadays, games both indoor and outdoor, are not just associated with children but are equally enjoyed by adults. However, computer and TV video games are something that everyone loves the most. From all the TV game makers, some brands have become more famous than their games. With this, you can get the famous game maker “Atari” on your belt buckle. This belt buckle bearing the “Atari” symbol is one of the coolest fashion accessories, I must say. Atari is known as one of the pioneer of gaming consoles, arcade games, and home computers. Now you can acknowledge the effort of Atari by wearing this Atari symbol belt buckle, and bring back those childhood memories.

Star Wars Belt Buckles

Every fan flaunts clothes and accessories of his or her favorite characters. The characters may be from Disney or Mario; in the form of t-shirts, rings, etc. If you are a Star Wars fan, there is something special for all of you – the Star Wars belt buckles. These are the 3D belt buckles of R2-D2, Boba Fett, and the Stormtroopers in the geekiest style you can flaunt this season.

The Weight Watch Belt

I know what you’re thinking, this belt looks like a measuring tape, and that’s exactly what it does. This “Weight Watch Belt” is like your measuring tape, which will keep you an update of your waistline whenever you’re wearing it.

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Legend of Zelda Map Belt

Zelda Map Belt” makes a great fashion accessory for all geeks. The “Legend of Zelda Map” brings up great memories of childhood fun spent on playing the famous game. Moreover, having the map in your belt can also help to convey the idea to people that you are very particular about your directions.

Blue Screen of Death Belt

Most of you try to refrain from seeing the “Blue Screen of Death”, because it’s just a frustrating screen without too many options, and we really despise it. But blue screen of death belt is the most positive way you can view the “Blue Screen of Death” without the frustration, cursing, and anger.

Build a Lego Space Invaders Belt Buckle

Space Invaders was an extremely popular video game that is making a comeback in many retro accessories. This “Space Invaders Belt Buckle” is made from Lego Bricks and is a classic piece of belt, which you can also make at home with simple materials and give a tribute to your favorite Space Invaders games.

Pacman Belts

For all those addicted to the classic Pacman video games, here are “Pacman Belts” to flaunt your love for it. These Pacman belts can be adjusted to any length below 42 inches and are one of the cutest looking belts available in the market.

Metal Belt Buckle Featuring Pacman and the Ghosts

If you’re a big Pacman fan and are looking for some cool Pacman accessories to wear and gather everyone’s attraction, here’s a “Metal Belt Buckle”; which as the name suggests, is made of metal and features the good old Pacman characters or ghost design.

Piano Key Belt Buckle

This “Piano Key Belt Buckle” is made up of vintage materials and is one of the coolest recycled belt buckles. The little keys on this “Piano Key Belt Buckle” are cut from license plates. Now you can walk, dance, or drive to your own music.

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