Old School NES Bed Sheets

Recently, Walyou came out with a list of its 15 Geeky and Weird bedspreads, which included one sheet with an image of Mario from the original NES game. The list unfortunately failed to include this Nintendo Entertainment System bed sheet.

NES bed sheet

You might think there is not much creative leeway when it comes to bed sheets; there are only pillow cases and a bed cover. However, as proven by this bed sheet, there is a lot of room for creativity. There are actually two sheets layered on this design in order to get the full NES effect. The bottom sheet has a dark gray color and contains the “Start” and “Reset” buttons; the sheet on top has a lighter gray and features the game slot where it should be. Creating this NES sheet would be easier to pull off than a Wii. Both systems are rectangular prisms; however the Wii is longer than its width whereas the NES is the opposite – which is the same shape of a bed.

Controller Pillow Case

Similar to the system, its controllers are also rectangular; perfect for using as a pillow case. These pillow cases have the design of the controller painted on to them. Since the NES is an older system it has a simplistic design. This aids to the overall look of the sheets because it does not appear overwhelming at all. It’s simple like most sheets, yet appealing because of the sentimental value it has.

NES bedspread

This bedspread is perfect for any game freak out there. Simply owning a nostalgic piece like this is enough to cause a shiver of glee up my spine, and it’s an added bonus that it looks good as well. It is extremely dorky just as it is awesome.

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Via: No Where Else and GamOvr.