Ride Along in R2D2

I’ve seen some cool gadgets made by fans of the Star Wars series in my day, but this motorized R2D2 is truly unique. I mean not only does it have all of the proper sounds, internal cooling fans, LED lights and of course, the rotating dome, but you can ride in it! Think of it as your very own R2D2 amusement park ride that you can take wherever you want.

The video here shows an example of R2 in action. I certainly don’t recommend this to anyone who is claustrophobic, and the dog doesn’t seem too sure about him either, but this thing is definitely rad. I have to believe this would be a big hit at your local comic/ Star Wars convention. I’d love to see pictures of the building process and what it looks like on the inside. Such a contraption would take a whole lot of time and effort, much like what we saw with other R2D2 constructions. There’s also some size restriction by the looks of it. Let’s face it, R2 isn’t exactly all that wide, so if you’re a bit on the frumpy side you probably wouldn’t fit. For some reason, I’m struck with visions of Chris Farley rising from the grave and trying to get into this thing. All the while yelling “Fat guy in a little droid!” You know it’d be hilarious.

It seems like you can see R2D2 just about anywhere these days, heck you could see him riding down the highway in this X-wing fighter car mod. Being able to ride around in your very own droid, though, would be a real treat, and I’d love to have the opportunity. I bet he could turn this into a real attraction at your local con, offering up rides in a real Star Wars droid. Step right up, folks!

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Via: Gadgetlite