Learn To Make Your Own iPad iPhone Connector Clip!

Thanks to the iPad iPhone Connector Clip from Geeky Gadgets that would save you from straining your neck between a television and your iPad.

iPad iPhone Connector Clip

You might agree that most of the iPhone stands are not convenient to use and are even sometimes not even viewable when you use an iPad. So, the clever minds thought of inventing DIY iPad iPhone Connector Clip that will solve the problem forever. This is an iPad iPhone connecting clip that you can place on top of your iPad while you are surfing to watch the media on your iPhone while surfing your iPad.

iPad iPhone Connector Clip 1

DIY iPad iPhone Connector Clip is very easy to use and you can even customize it to make it personal. You just need a 24cm long plastic “U” shaped extrusion that can be bought from any hardware store. It is available in different forms but if possible try to grab a “H” shaped extrusion. Also, make sure that the plastic extrusion fits your iPhone and case properly.

iPad iPhone Connector Clip 2

If you get only a “U” shaped extrusion then glue together two such pieces using powerful glue. All you need is to cut 24cm strip into two equal parts with the help of a sharp pair of scissors followed by the procedure of gluing them together to form an “H” shape molding. Now, when you have glued two pieces together, your connector is almost ready. You can then, custom-make the shape of this connector using glass paper or a Dremel and a spray for adorning the plastic in the way you desire.

iPad iPhone Connector Clip 3

Now, your DIY iPad iPhone Connector Clip is ready to be used for a convenient watching of your iPhone and iPad. This is a light weight accessory that you make yourself in minutes. Moreover, you can even push this connector to the extremes in order to link iPads with iPhone.

iPad iPhone Connector Clip 4

All you need is to place this device on top of your iPhone and fix your iPad in it. Enjoy handling both devices in this way and the lightweight iPad will easily stay on your iPhone’s top in a way that you can even stroll it towards your right or left.

Via: Geekygadgets